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What is “Dokodemo Museum” in Odate City?

Welcome to Odate City!

Odate City’s “Dokodemo Museum” is a system where you can learn more about the historic sites and sights you have visited on the spot.

If there is a “Museum everywhere” pillar, read the QR code attached to it with your mobile terminal such as a smartphone and jump to the page! While feeling the atmosphere of the place, you can learn the history and culture of the episodes and related people that remain there.
A museum where you can enjoy a sense of reality, it is truly a “museum everywhere”.
In addition, there are explanations in English, Chinese (traditional / simplified), Korean, and Thai, which can be used by people from overseas.

This “Dokodemo Museum” project is a historical site in the city in order to promote education and tourism in collaboration with Odate City’s “Dokodemo Museum” Association, whose secretariat is the Odate Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is a project to promote the development of a town that is loved by tourists and local residents by setting up a pillar in Odate and disseminating information on historical sites in multiple languages.
Many people such as private companies, students, and history study groups in Odate City are involved in this project, and the idea of ​​”hospitality” is included so that those who come to Odate City can enjoy themselves.
It also contains hope for future children who will learn about the history and culture of Odate.

While visiting historic sites and famous places, please enjoy Odate to your heart’s content, such as Akita Inu, Odate Magewappa, gourmet foods such as Kiritanpo and Hinai Jidori, and hot springs.